The NGO Museum

This is a crowd-sourced collection of statements from organizations and initiatives announcing (or discussing) their closures. The hope is that seeing the range of organizations that close will be a balm and source of encouragement for others facing closure.

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Helsinki Design Lab (2009 – 2013)

Helsinki Design Lab used strategic design to uncover the “architecture” of large-scale challenges and develop more holistic, complete solutions for improvement.


Shift was a design studio for social change.

Women Who Code (2011-2024)

Women Who Code provided resources and community-empowerment for women in technology.

Kendeda Fund

Kendeda was a philanthropic foundation focused on increasing the dignity of individuals and the sustainability of communities by investing in transformative leaders and ideas.

Year Here Fellowship (2012-2022)

Year Here fostered a community of social entrepreneurs
tackling Britain’s toughest social problems

Allied Media Conference (1999-2022)

Allie Media Conference was a community-focused conference for changemakers.

Global Integrity

Global Integrity was committed to the fight against corruption, continuously striving to enhance public service delivery outcomes by producing cutting-edge research, strengthening local responses, and building an extensive global network of governance reformers.


QuestionCopyRight.Org was a non-profit focused on changing the way people thought about how creative works are distributed.

What Works Wellbeing

WWW was an organization working to understand and spread awareness of what factors contributed to personal wellbeing in the UK.

Ragged Wing Ensemble

Ragged Wing was a San Francisco Bay Area-based black box theater.

Campaign Bootcamp

Campaign Bootcamp was a UK-based organization that ran campaigning trainings for marginalised activists and communities


WaterSHED was a 10-year initiative to expand access to clean water and sanitation in Cambodia. The organization was sunset on time.

The Ada Initiative

Ada Initiative was an advocacy organization for women in open source software and open culture.

(1989 – 2023)

ChildHope was a global child rights organisation that began its life with a focus on working directly with street children in resource poor settings.

Patrick’s Cabaret
(1986 – 2018)

Patrick’s Cabaret was a queer theater space in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

(2009 – 2024)

Pollen was an innovative online journal pushing the boundaries of modern storytelling.

(2018 – 2024)

NAVEL was an arts space in downtown Los Angeles.

Wells College
(1868 – 2024)

Wells College was a private women’s university in Aurora, New York.

Goddard College
(1938 – 2024)

Goddard College was a liberal arts university in Plainfield, Vermont.

White Noise Collective

White Noise was an all-volunteer antiracist feminist collective.

Northern Lights.MN

Northern Lights.MN was a Minnesota, US public arts organization that produced the annual Northern Spark arts festival.

ARTs East New York

ARTs East New York was an arts organization providing accessible arts programming in New York City’s East New York neighborhood. (webpage no longer active)

No Longer Empty

No Longer Empty produced unique place-based art exhibitions, programs, and educational events.

The Rules

The Rules (TR) was an activist collective that existed from 2012 to 2019. In its eight years of existence it focused on addressing the root causes of inequality, poverty and ecological break down through narrative and cultural interventions.

Open Collective Foundation

Open Collective Foundation was a fiscal sponsor promoting projects in the areas of education, social impact, and civic engagement.

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